About LeishTag

LeishTag is a sub-project of the LeishGEM project aiming to determine where Leishmania mexicana proteins localise within the cell. Target proteins are those which do not have a Trypanosoma brucei ortholog, or the T. brucei ortholog has less than 30% sequence identity. This complements existing TrypTag data.

We will tag protein-coding genes with mNeonGreen (Shaner et al., 2013) and determine the localisation in both promastigote and amastigote life cycle stages by fluorescence microscopy of live cells. Wherever possible, we will determine the localisation of the protein when tagged at both the N and C terminus.

Data status

To support the parasite research community we are making this data rapidly available as it is generated and before publication. The data on this website is therefore a 'first beta' and subject to change.

Terms for data usage

LeishTag.org contains data from a major and costly project with the aim of providing the cellular localisation of proteins encoded in the Leishmania genome. Our intention is to make the data is available to the community as it is generated. Until the project is complete, data usage terms are based on the Fort Lauderdale agreement, an agreement reached for pre-publication usage of genome data.

Data on LeishTag.org is available immediately and free to use with acknowledgement. However until the project is complete:

  • You must contact us before scientific publication or commercial application of research informed by this data. Please email: ku.ca.xo.mdn@releehw.drahcir
  • One of the LeishTag team will work with you to share our complete raw data on the proteins of interest, help with advanced searches for cohorts or patterns, etc.
  • For publications concerning one or two genes we will typically merely request acknowledgement and citation of this website as a data resource.
  • For publications concerning more than two genes we reserve the right to have members of the LeishTag team as co-authors, with the rights this entails. We forsee that this will typically be the one person you collaborate with but, for example for extremely large cohorts of genes, may include others.
  • Commercial applications will be considered on an individual basis.
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Using the LeishTag website

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LeishTag is part of the LeishGEM project funded by the Wellcome Trust Collaborative Award in Science 2219447Z7207Z.